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Vyu360 delivers new ACTIV 360-degree camera

activWhen it comes to action cameras, there are dime a dozen models out there alongside flagships from GoPro — which is somewhat akin to the number of drones that are popping up left and right all over the place. Well, if you would like to find an action camera that is different from the rest, you might consider the all-new ACTIV 360-degree camera from Vyu360. Not only is the ACTIV compact in its form factor, it is also waterproof — which would come in handy for many a situation.

This wholly new 360° camera known as the ACTIV can be considered to be the smallest waterproof action camera that is available at this point in time. After all, the new generation tends to take on more risks in terms of showing off their lives online. At times, it does verge on the suicidal, such as climbing up to places that are normally off limits before shooting a selfie. Maybe being in water is slightly safer, with the ACTIV in tow.

Of course, this does not mean you perform crazy stunts at a waterfall or by the ocean where you are not familiar with the terrain. Rather, the ACTIV is the ideal companion when you would like to record your whitewater rafting adventures, or perhaps would like to bring back memories of recent picnics in order to share with family members and friends.

With the ACTIV, Vyu has thrown in specially engineered panoramic optics, thanks to the presence of two 8MP sensors. This potent combination ensures that glare is prevented, and neither will there be any kind of unwanted distortion while you go about capturing Ultra HD videos and photos in 360° fashion. The Vyu360 ACTIV will come with an asking price of $349 a pop, making it an ideal tool if you would like to get wet and wild while capturing the entire experience.

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