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Vuzix reveals new prosumer helmet mount for M100 smart glasses

vuzix-mproWhen it comes to the world of smart glasses, you can be sure that one name would stand heads and shoulders above the rest – and this particular name would be that of Google Glass. After all, Google has done a pretty good job when it comes to ensuring that their pair of smart glasses have received its fair share of publicity, not to mention having a pretty wicked method of promoting it, despite the fact that Google Glass has been banned from the likes of movie cinemas, theaters as well as at other places where socializing takes place. Still, other companies have tried to make their way into this market, and Vuzix is one of them. This time around, Vuzix intends to deliver a new mount for its M100 Smart Glasses.

This new mount will connect to one’s bicycle helmets – allowing the riders to wear a Vuzix M100 smart glass without worrying about it falling out of place. The whole idea of doing so would be to be able to record footage of what is right in front of you, wherever you go, and simultaneously are able to run an app so that you can look back on your performance details afterwards in order to see whether there is further room for improvement.

Vuzix has high hopes that the spanking new M100 accessory mount will be made available for purchase within the coming 30 days, where it has been specially designed for easy and secure connectivity with many popular bicycle helmets that are in the market, allowing you to place it on either the left or right side of the rider. Seeing that there is still plenty of potential in this particular market segment, it is encouraging to see more and more accessories being released that will provide customers with additional choice when it comes to improving their health and performance while they are at it.

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