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VuPoint 35mm Film Scanner to Digitize Old Film and Slides

1073545.jpgIf you’re like me, you have taken photographs with film cameras and have tons of negatives cluttering up your photo boxes. Or what happens when you find a box of old slides in your parent’s or grandparent’s attic and you can’t view these photos? I had that happen to me once and the process of going out, finding a service who can scan in slides and negatives is a time-intensive and very expensive process – and you’re at the whim of the people who run the service.

The Hammacher store is selling the VuPoint 35mm Film Scanner. Now you can scan your negative and slides to digital files quickly and easily so you can share them with others on online services (like Flickr) and email or print them on your PC. Old slide scanners used to be very expensive and very slow and the alternative of hiring a service to do it is even more expensive. This Stratford Labs scanner has a 4-element glass lens, a 5.0 megapixel CMOS CCD and can scan and preview an image in just 5 seconds. From the website:

This easy-to-use, compact USB scanner allows you to load a strip of negatives or a color slide, and with the push of a button, transfer it to 5.0 megapixel digital files. Automatic color balance settings help correct negatives that have degraded over time, bringing new life to faded exploration memories. Outputs to JPG or TIF formats.

* Required: USB port and Windows® XP
* 3 1/2”W x 6 1/2”H x 3 1/2”D

I’m a bit bummed that this is a Windows only product, but hopefully there is a similar Mac version out there on the internet. Includes 35mm film strip and slide mount holders and image editing software, all for $99.95. A bargain compared to the alternatives. So go dig out all those old negatives and slides and get them preserved on your computer!

[The Hammacher Store]

46 thoughts on “VuPoint 35mm Film Scanner to Digitize Old Film and Slides”

  1. I purchased the Vu-Point digital film scanner and am, having trouble downloading. Plse. contact me with help. I have windows XP and enough memory in my computer but a window keeps popping up saying can’t download—

  2. Google “Stratford labs scanner”. PC Tools Community Forum say’s
    You probably need USB 2 card. Your PC may only have a USB.

  3. Does this transparency scanner neutralize the orange mask for color negatives? I haven’t found the right setup yet to make this work on my HP6300C scanner; close but not close enough.

  4. Using the Stratford Labs 35mm slide scanner Model IS-505, I can scan OK and the slide shows up in the preview window, but when I hit TRANSFER to store in MY PICTURES, it takes 2-3 minutes to transfer each picture. Any suggstions or hints?

  5. I bought the VuPoint scanner. It does a great job on my 35 MM slides but I have a lot of 16 MM slides that I want to scan but they are washed out, like too much light is coming thru. Any suggestions? Also the color negatives come out hazy blue. Thought this was supposed to reverse the color.

  6. Can someone post the link to the Stratford Labs website to download updated Vista drivers?

  7. I bought the same scanner – but having problem with the driver. I have windows XP second – and the software that came with the machine did not help me to upload the driver… Anyone, any ideas??

  8. to Paul…I have the scanner…used it successfully in January…came back yesterday and will not work…have uninstalled and reinstalled…no good…have you had any new ideas or success…I cannot find any help from manufacturer…seems the driver is a big problem

  9. I cannot get my Dell Dimension 8400 to accept the device. I have 2.0 USB and that’s what it takes but I’ve tried a number of things and it says the device has malfunctioned and Windows will not recognize it. I have XP. The software downloaded with out problem. Any ideas?

  10. I found a way! I have been trying since 12/07. I went to My Computer and right clicked to go to Properties and then clicked on Hardware and then into Driver Signing and clicked Ignore………..THEN I uninstalled anything that had been installed from the CD received with the VuScanner. I then (without the scanner plugged in) Installed the Driver from the cd…Then I rebooted…Then I installed the software…Then I rebooted…THEN I plugged the scanner into my USB2 port…(without the slide holder inserted)…I received a ‘cannot recognize new hardware warning’ I unplugged and replugged and now everything is working great. Downing loading slides from 1971 right now and loving’ life!

  11. Now I guess I have to learn to use this site without repeating myself. Sorry. Couldn’t get my act together. But I hope I helped someone.

  12. Everything has worked fine with my VuPoint filmscanner until yesterday. Then nothing would work. I finally decided to uninstall it but now can’t find the disk, so I don’t have the driver. I have Arcsoft Photoimpressions disk. It isn’t on there, is it? Is there anywhere on the internet that I can download or get the driver? Any suggestions from anyone on how to proceed? Does VuPoint have a website? I couldn’t find one. Thanks.

  13. I was given the VuPoint filmscanner to digitize our 4,000 slides. After scanning 1400 of them, the little plastic tray that slides through the light box became worn, and would no longer “click” into place for each slide. Also, I would have to try some slides many times before the right brightness could be achieved.
    This was especially noticeable for slides that had a lot of light/dark contrast. Before scanning the remaining 2600, I plan to wait until technology improves.

  14. Does this scanner work with any other software other than ArcSoft. The company has very weak privacy policies and the software seems to be phoning home all the time. Also I don’t appreciate the 2 inch advertising popups that appear over the system tray.
    The hardware seems ok so if it could work without ArcSoft I’d be happy to keep it. Anybody get it to work with any other software?

  15. Well T Carlin and the other users who don’t have the software and drivers be assured that the Arcsoft software and driver is not needed at all. This is what I did for a nice clean install.
    The manual says install the software first but throw it away and just plug the scanner in a usb port and XP will automatically find it. (plug n play)
    Then look in My Computer and it will show up as OVT Scanner, or you can find it in Control Panel/scanners and cameras.
    If you click that icon you can see any image that is in the scanner.
    It will open in the MS picture viewer from where it can be saved anywhere on your computer as a jpg file and it can then be manipulated in many graphics programs including VueScan, ACDSee, or Photoshop. Good luck
    If you already have the Arcsoft software installed I suggest that you uninstall it, clean out any resident spyware and use this method to get the scanner working quickly and malware free.

  16. I bought the VUpoint scanner it scan 1 photo negative after that it stop scanning I have to reboot the computer to scan next negative please help he where I am doing wrong

  17. I just bought the VuPoint scanner and was disappointed when I tried to download the Arcsoft software onto my machine. My antivirus program picked up a threat from a virus listed as Heur:Trojan,Win32,Generic off the download CD. I think I will look for a refund.

  18. I used the scanner first on XP, then on Vista. On XP, each slide took minutes to download. With Vista, it is instant. However, with slides that have a lot of contrast, there is too much back light; the pic is washed out. Picasa (which can be downloaded free) will import from the scanner as well. But some pics are still washed out. So I assume the problem is with the scanner; wish we could adjust those LED’s. has downloads available on its website.

  19. sounds like the vupoint scanner is a bust! i won’t be buying it after reading this list of complaints! thanks, submitters for giving me the head’s up!

  20. i began using my scanner this weekend on 35mm slides. problem 1, not enough memory so i am boosting it up by 1 gig. the second problem is that all of the slides scanned well but when converted to jpeg, look like negatives. what do i have to do to make them “look” like photos?

  21. Someone gave me one of these for a gift. The drivers do not work on my Vista laptop. I have an old desktop with XP that I’ll have to use I guess. I thought Vista was supposed to be compatible. good ol’ MicroSoft.

  22. I successfully scanned ~ 1000 negs and slides, with extra effort. Instructions say to allow image to stabilize before click to save. I found I could manipulate both washed out originals by allowing the scanner to fully reduce light on an empty unit and then rapidly inserting the holder to the scan position and watch as the image lightens and click save when it was acceptable. I would insert slides/negs into holder from lightest to darkest to let me do the batch progressively.

  23. All sites that show this product, neglect to mention whether there are any difficulties using this with Vista. Or are we to assume by now, that all problems with Vista have been found and tweaked out? I have several thousand 35mm film negatives, which I took while living and traveling in Russia, and Eastern Europe, just before I got digital. I’m trying to archive memories, and dump all my old paper prints to save space and my back!
    Thanks for your feedback!

  24. Is there any place on the internet you can download the software for the VuPoint FS-C1-VP?

  25. I have the VuPoint FS-C1-VP scanner. I think it is a great gadget. The only problem I have is that thr power requirement heats up my computer until it shuts off in self defense. This becomes a pain. Does VuPoint make an attachment for the scanner that will allow the USB port to be used for signal only and allow the unit to be powered externally? If so where can I buy one?

  26. Ihave a VuPoint Fimscanner that seems to have a strape
    inside hanging down. The slides are not in vocus when
    I tried to transfer them. Can you fix?

    Thank you


  27. I just installed the VuPoint Solutions Film and Slide scanner. Using the ArcSoft PotoImpression 6 software, it will not scan. Using Picasa 3 or Photoshop Elements 7, it tries to scan but the image will not stop tiling so it can be captured. I’m about ready to give up and take this back to the store. Any ideas?

  28. I was about to buy the VuPoint scanner. I thought I will check the reviews. Thanks for the heads up. I will not buy this product.

  29. Cannot use the VuPoint unit because I am told “ERROR LOADING C:\WINDOWS\system32\OVTFBoot.dll” module could not be found. The unit doesn’t work and is therefore useless. Can you help me get that module instAlled in my XP – 2 computer ???? Or give me Return authorization since this would be a “breach of warrantee of merchantability” since the unit cannot do what it was advertized to do.

  30. I had USBports 1 & 2. AfterI connected the scanner to my computer I got a message that I do not have an active USB 2 port. When I got to devive manager I I cannot find a USB 2 port Which showed before. Does the scanner have anything to do with change?

  31. I picked up the FS-C1-VP scanner at a yard sale & it works fairly well on My XP computer but does anyone know is ther is any drivers or software that will enable it to run on the new Win 7 the instruction book says no but someone has probably already found a way

  32. I am sorry to say that my experience with this copier was less than to be desired. I was so dissatisfied with it that I sent it back. Lost my shipping charges both ways.

  33. Just bought the FC-C520-VP-BX2 model. Love it! Works great on my Mac!! Going to buy extra trays from HAMMACHER SCHLEMMER.

  34. I just got the FC-C520-VP-BX2 model last night for my Xmas present. Played with it at my parents and scanned a whole roll of film in less than 30 mins.

    I get home and I no longer see anything on the screen. I’m currently at work with it plugged in and not seeing anything on the screen either.

    What could be wrong? Or, should I send in for a replacement while I’m in the 90 day warranty?

    BTW.. the six additional trays at Hammacher Schlemmer.. does that include a 110 film tray?

  35. I have the VuPoint Slide Digitizer. It comes with Arc PhotoImpressions which is horrible. It takes much longer than 5 seconds to digitize because of the antiquated software. If the software was ever improved, I would recommend it but as it is, buyers be ware.

  36. Am having trouble with all slides overexposed even though orginal is fine. Using Vista. Help!!

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