Vtech IS7100 lets you know who’s calling, and who’s at the door

These days, most tech-savvy people have ditched the landline phone in favor of something they can keep with them at all times. Personally, I’ve not had a home phone in five or six years. My grandparents, however, will probably never get rid of theirs. So why not get them a phone that does a little more than place calls?

This VTech IS7100 does everything that you’d expect from a cordless phone. But it’s got one special little feature that sets it apart from the pack. When the phone rings, you’re able to look at it, and see exactly who is calling. But what about when someone knocks at your door? Well this phone will also tell you who’s there. No, it’s not going to give them the name of the person, but it will show you live video feed. What’s more, you can activate a two-way speaker, if you want to tell them something.

Have you ever wondered if you’ve had visitors while you’ve been away? This phone also has you covered there. It takes a still image of everyone who comes to your door, and stores them in a log for you to look at later.

If you want your own cordless phone that also streams video from your porch, then you’ll be able to get two handsets, the base unit, and the doorbell for $120. You can get extra handsets for $30, an an additional doorbell for $50.