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VRS reveals new cases for the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus

vrs-designMany a time, consumers are able to catch a glimpse of what the next upcoming model of a particular smartphone will be like based on the protective case that is released beforehand. As for the Samsung Galaxy S8 (as well as the Galaxy S8 Plus), the same applies. VRS Design is a leading name when it comes to rolling out fashion-forward premium smartphone cases as well as accessories, having introduced the latest case collection that is meant specifically for the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus.

Specially designed from a fashion standpoint, it can be worn as an accessory and is tailor made for the contemporary individual. There are twelve models to choose from, boasting of a quartet of stylish, functional and all-around protection cases: Crystal Bumper, Simpli Mod, Damda Folder and Layered Dandy.

These four cases will arrive with their own individuality, purpose, quality and style, boasting of impact-resistant, thermoplastic polyurethane materials as well as a lightweight polycarbonate layer which delivers protection sans compromising style. Making sure that accessibility and functionality are at the forefront of matters, VRS Design has created the ultimate frame which will be able to protect and style your Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus — when you finally lay your hands on it, that is.

The Crystal Bumper will showcase your precious new smartphone with complementary colored bumpers and a clear body, where the edges of the TPU have been designed to protrude and protect exposed areas of the smartphone. Retailing for $29.99 a pop, it arrives in dark silver, satin silver, shine gold & rose gold shades.

As for Simpli Mod, this $24.99 case will merge both premium materials into a single lightweight package, coming in an extremely slim design with a bulk-free cover, while offering spacious cut-outs that lets you access all device ports and controls without missing a beat.

The $39.99 Damda Folder lets you tote around up to 4 credit cards and ID simultaneously, and can slip into your back pocket comfortably, too. The card compartment remains unnoticeable, while dual-layer construction of polycarbonate and TPU results in a dependable daily defense as it arrives in shades of dark silver, satin silver, shine gold, and rose gold.

Last but not least, the $34.99 Layered Dandy offers understated sophistication right in the palm of your hand, where carefully crafted slots and sleeves will let you tote around cards and cash all the time.

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