Vroominator adds some oomph to your ride

Are you envious of those who own muscle cars, and do wish that one day when you grow up (or earn enough), you will be able to splash some good money on yourself so that you can enjoy the fruits of your labor while engaging the green-eyed monster among your peers? That’s easy to do if you have a good imagination – all you need is to get the Vroominator to be placed in your car and you’re good to go. The Vroominator is basically a device that fills your vehicle’s interior with throaty sounds of a sports car’s V8 engine.
It will need to be plugged into the vehicle’s DC adapter for it to work, where instant audio “muscle” is transmitted to a car’s radio on an unused FM frequency. Bear in mind that this $39.95 purchase will not play nice with hybrid or electric vehicles – they’d look rather out of place in the first place anyways, so why bother?

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