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VOXXHirschmann reveals EVO vehicle infotainment system

evoWhenever one travels in a car or in something larger such as an SUV or even MPV, chances are the radio would be turned on at the very least. Well, there might be more than meets the eye for longer distance routes, especially when you take into consideration how children would fit into the ride without asking you “Are we there yet?” every 10 minutes. Keeping them occupied with the latest movies on a mobile device is fine and dandy, but won’t it be better if they had a larger sized screen located into the back of the headrest? VOXXHirschmann latest foray into automotive rear seat vehicle infotainment has resulted in EVO, which intends to bring the in-home TV entertainment experience in your vehicle.

This next generation Evolution Series (“EVO”) Rear Seat Vehicle Infotainment (“RSI”) solution will be part of models rolled out by General Motors (“GM”) for forthcoming model 2018, 2019 and 2020 vehicles.

According to Pat Lavelle, President and CEO of VOXX International Corporation, “With EVO, we are redefining rear seat vehicle infotainment, moving far beyond DVD-based systems intended to entertain our children, to a truly mobile, wireless infotainment hub for global vehicles. By incorporating advanced media playback and streaming capabilities with wireless in-car connectivity and easy-to-integrate form factors designed for OEMs, EVO was created to enable consumers to seamlessly take and share their content across multiple devices such as tablets and smartphones, no matter where they go. We look forward to working with GM and our other OEM partners to bring the vision of the Connected Car to life.”

Forget about legacy DVD-based players — the new EVO product range will be the next evolutionary step in rear seat vehicle infotainment. Users are able to create and securely log into their own wireless in-car rear-seat infotainment networks, not to mention share and stream media content across all occupants of the vehicle. It does not matter whether the content is stashed away or viewed on the EVO system, or even on a passenger’s mobile device.

The EVO system will also accept content from SD card and HDMI/USB-based devices, offers support for Miracast and DLNA functionality, and boasts of the EVO Slingplayer, resulting in consumers enjoying a live TV experience in the car via VOXXHirschmann’s exclusive partnership with Sling Media. Looks like traveling has become all the more fun with EVO!

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