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Vote for your Coolest Gadget of the week (Win $50)

We have a new feature on Coolest Gadgets, where each week we’ll present you with a list of what other bloggers think is the Coolest Gadget and then ask you to vote for your favourite.

To express our thanks for participating if you leave a comment explaining why you voted for what, we’ll add you into the draw for a $50 Amazon gift voucher.

We’ve chosen to open the votes every Friday, as for some unfathomable reason, people enjoy browsing the web on Friday afternoons. Voting will close on Monday when we will announce the winning blog entry and the reader that is $50 richer.

If you’re a fellow gadget blogger and would like to be included in next weeks contest please check out the CGOTW instructions page. Now onto this weeks entries:

CarMD – Handheld Engine Code Reader

The CarMD Handheld Engine Code Reader interfaces with your car’s computers to tell you what’s wrong with your car in seconds. This little gem works with all 1996 and newer model cars and
provides complete diagnostics on your car’s engine and whatever else your car’s computer tracks.

The full post featuring CarMD can be found on Gizmos for Geeks.

Mobile laptop desk

Mobile Laptop Desk

It’s a very cool desk that you can place wherever, specially at your passenger car, to finish that report your boss requested yesterday.

Full post over on Car Tuning Central

Teddy Sat Nav

A robo travel companion that you can hug

Sat Navs have become a standard feature for many cars but the problem is that they all look exactly the same. To address this design issue, iXs Research Corporation have produced a robotic teddy bear Sat Nav. Not only will teddy tell you when to “turn right in 100 metres” but he can also warn you if you’ve had a few too many at the pub with an alcohol breath sensor embedded in its throat.

Full post over on Gaj-it.

Gadget watch – It’s actually a gadget watch

Forget iPods and PSPs, this is the accessory for the summer. It’s the MP4 Film and Music Playing Watch. Think James Bond without the missiles. Ok, it’s only 4GBs but you can still store about six full-length films or 1000 songs or even 160 music videos on it. This watch has an impressive 1.8 inch screen, without looking ridiculous and it comes with earphones and built-in mini speakers.

Full post on Decide What To Buy.

Aleutia E2 – 500MHz PC using just 8W of power

The Aleutia E2 is a fast little PC that uses just 8 Watts of powerwith a peak power usage around 15 Watts when used with external USB hard drives. To put it in context, it has roughly the same power consumption as an energy saving lightbulb. Many PCs and laptops draw around 300W and 200W respectively, so it’s a huge energy saver. It’s design has been inspired by developing countries as an answer to remote and cheap computing

Full post on Enviro Gadget.

Font Clock

The Font Clock

Available in 3 different sizes, The Font Clock is a hip remake of the classic British 24 hour clock. Twelve of your favorite fonts provide the time and a random, whimsical mix of graphic design goodness.

Full post at Good Good Things.

Mouse with Built In USB Fan

This cool gadget will keep your hands cool. It’s a 3 button USB optical scroll mouse with built in fan. Avoid embarrassing (and WoW performance reducing) hand sweat this summer. There’s a 2 inch fan built right into the palm section of the mouse.

Full info over on Craziest Gadgets.

Thanks to all the sites for their submissions now over to you guys for voting time (don’t forget to leave a comment with your reason for a chance to win $50):


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16 thoughts on “Vote for your Coolest Gadget of the week (Win $50)”

  1. I’m not sure I’m a big fan of any of these, but if I had to pick one, I’d go with the mouse with built in fan. Nice way to keep the hand cool when gaming.


  2. I vote for the clock. That is the only one that I would actually be interested in getting. I am Always looking for a cool clock.

  3. I have to go with the Aleutia E2 – 500MHz PC. Sure not going to win any speed benchmarks and it sure is pricey, but the low power consumption is nice along with no moving parts for applications in a car.

  4. The gadget watch of course. I don’t think many people would drop the $$$ to get one, but it is the coolest “gadget” this week. Everything else was either not quite as cool or quite a gadget. This thing screams James Bond. He probably already has one.

  5. Three cheers for the handheld engine code reader. Now I don’t have to look like a complete idiot when I take my car to the shop. I’ll just tell them what’s wrong!

  6. The watch is definitely the most awesome gadget on there! Perfect gadget and like it says in the post, safer than carrying an MP3 around that will get nicked. Train journeys will be so much better with one of these.

  7. my decision was made in if i was going to use it… and the only one which i really game a reason was the mouse/fan… (I’m in New Mexico and is damn hot here) and i think that it will be good if next time u ask us for options… like for category… like u had down at the bottom of ur website.

  8. I like the simple Font Clock. I just picked up flip clock for my “cube” office, lacking the date, and it keeps me on track to get home.

  9. I think the best gadget is the mobile laptop I see it very useful and with it you can do things you have forgotten out of your house.

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