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We’re into our fifth coolest gadget of the week, some cool entries this week (along with what I reckon might be the worst entry yet), what’s coolest, you decide (as usual one voter/commenter will win a $50 Amazon voucher).

Panic Mouse

Panic Mouse Motorized Cat Toy

Cats like to sleep all day, but they need some exercise to stay in good health. The Panic Mouse has a bendy “fishing pole” with a toy attached to a string that moves around in random motions. The cat will have a blast trying to grab (and will also forget to scratch the couch). Check out the website for a video of the toy in action!

The full post can be found at

Wind Up Remote Control

Wind up remote control

You TV remote always runs out of battery at the worst time but now you can just wind it up and not have to worry about it running out again. It’ll save you money on batteries and it’s much better for the environment.

The full post can be found at Decide What To Buy.

 Tennis Racquet From Control Freek

Tennis Racquet From Control Freek Integrates Dryer!

Sweat-free hands + Easy Grip + Ultra Tennis Playing Experience = $275 racquet

Yes, its air circulating effect addresses a new meaning to the tennis-playing experience. Designed and developed by Control Freek, the functional wiffle technology acts as a dryer to your otherwise sweated palm. The high tech fissures in its grip enable the entrapping and transmission of air to your palms. The Dominator, one of their models sports two large air scoops over the racquet’s knob that maintains the movement of air.

The full post can be found at Elite Choice.

Lego WallE

The Lego Wall-E Trash Collecting Robot

Check out this amazing Lego Wall-E trash collecting robot from NXT Mindstorms hacker, BlueToothWiki.

This cool Lego Wall-E robot uses an ultrasonic sensor, it spots the trash and then verifies that it is trash, it then opens up and scoops the rubbish away.

The full post can be found at Geeky Gadgets.

Flee Digital Camera: When an Airplane isn’t on Hand

A cool gadget brings innovation to a conventional idea and that’s exactly what the Flee Digital Camera has done. This camera is designed to be thrown into the air where it will then take amazing aerial photos, something that until now you would have needed a small plane for. The aerial shots are then sent back to your mobile phone via Bluetooth, before the Flee returns to the ground ready for use again. Photography has never been more fun!

The full post can be found at Gaj-It.

Bra for your car

Car Bras

OK, don’t be overly excited, this is a car ok? Did you know that cars also use bras? Funny isn’t it. Check them out!

The full post can be found at Car Tuning Central.

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