Vortex mixers mix your drinks in style

We have gadgets for even the smallest tasks, so why not toss in a brightly colored one to mix your drinks too?  These will make sure your drinks get mixed well and look good doing it.  The whirling tornado in the center would even be fun for the kids to watch.  After all, you could mix all sorts of things in it, even silly things like chocolate milk.  When it comes time to clean it, you won’t have to worry about putting much effort into the cleaning process either.

Both the Vortex 1 and 2 you can just rinse with hot water.  If you want to make sure it’s even more clean just add a drop of soap to that water and turn it on.  To use it, just put in the mixture, put the cap on and push the button.  It will spin within and have your drink ready in less than a minute.  The Vortex 2 is more meant for cocktails and the Vortex 1 for your regular drinks.  The Vortex 1 will cost you $19.99 and the Vortex 2 for £10 or about $14.

Source: NerdApproved