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VonHaus Hedge Trimmer cuts down the beauty of nature

You can tell it’s springtime because the birds are chirping, the bees are buzzing, and Mother Nature is on steroids. You can mow the grass in the morning and by midday the lawn will have a five o’ clock shadow and you might already consider getting your lawn mower out. We only have so much energy to put into maintaining our home, and the best anyone could hope for is to stay on top of the dishes in the sink, take out the trash, and prevent the green areas around the exterior from becoming a jungle.

When you do get a moment to give your yard a little TLC, you want to make it quick, and with as little fuss as possible. If you have hedges that need trimming and they haven’t gotten any attention for a while, you’ll either want to approach that with a ladder, chain saw, and a death wish or the Von Haus Cordless Electric Hedge Trimmer. It has a 1.5ah Li-Ion Battery to give you 50 minutes of uninterrupted cutting, extends up to 8.7′, and will cut through anything that is up to 0.59” thick. This gadget will make your life a lot easier. Gardening really shouldn’t be exhausting anymore. Let a robot cut your lawn, finish up your hedges in a fraction of the time and sit down and enjoy a cool drink.

There are 6 different positions you can put the head in for precise horizontal or vertical cutting. There’s also a two-stage safety trigger so you can’t injure yourself, unless you’re really, really trying. This will cost you $119.99, and will hopefully be bought alongside some protective face gear so you’re not chancing a stick through the eye.