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Volvo Cars work with Microsoft to deliver a brighter looking automotive future

volvo-msA car is no longer such a simple piece of automotive invention these days, as more and more electronic parts are interwoven with strong material to deliver the ultimate driving – or passenger experience. Volvo, a name that is more often than not associated with safe cars, has worked with Microsoft in order to develop the next generation of automotive technologies. Their partnership has resulted in using the Microsoft HoloLens to redefine how customers interact in their first encounter while exploring a car.

Just a little bit of background information here – the HoloLens from Microsoft has been touted to be the world’s first fully untethered holographic computer, and it could also be used to assist in vehicle sales down the road, be it buying or selling. Other areas of possible collaboration down the road between the two companies might comprise of autonomous driving technologies and the utilization of data generated from connected cars to create new services.

In a HoloLens demonstration which was carried out at Microsoft’s global headquarters in Redmond, USA, it depicted how mixed reality could be used by customers in order to configure cars in three dimensions. Such a powerful, wearable computer like the HoloLens lets holograms get mixed into the physical world.

Not only that, HoloLens technology could possibly liberate dealers from more traditional sales environments, while enabling them to take a car configurator out on the road in small Pop-Up stores, shopping malls or on the high street, which will definitely see a more open sales channel – not to mention letting you “fish” for potential car owners in rather unorthodox places outside of a car showroom. Other areas of cooperation might also include the way information gathered by cars and their drivers can be used to enhance the driving experience and the possibility of using predictive analytics to improve safety, and we all know how safety is close to the heart of Volvo.

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