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Volvo Cars brings Microsoft’s Skype for Business to its 90 series range

volvo-skypeVolvo has the reputation of being the safest car in the world, and so far it does seem as though they have lived up to that. Well, being safe does not equal to skimping on incorporating new technology, and Volvo Cars intends to fit their 90 Series range of vehicles with Microsoft’s Skype for Business — something that might just entice business owners to make the jump if they happen to be driving around a different make.

 Skype for Business happens to be Microsoft’s leading collaborative productivity app, and it will soon see action on the new 90 Series cars. This would place Volvo Cars as the first carmaker to roll out such an in-car productivity tool. As Skype for Business is actively used by millions of people at work around the globe, it should also play a safe and yet active role in Volvo’s 90 Series cars, allowing people to view their upcoming meetings and participant details, as well as to join up with meetings with just a single click thanks to the large centre display.

Anders Tylman-Mikiewicz, shared, “Skype for Business represents another big step forward for our in-car connectivity and communication offer. With the dawn of autonomous cars we see a future where flexible in-car productivity tools will enable people to reduce time spent in the office. This is just the beginning of a completely new way of looking at how we spend time in the car.”.

The whole idea of doing so is grounded in the desire to make Volvo’s customers’ lives easier as well as safer through the latest relevant technology — all in a smart manner. This particular partnership with Microsoft will also include the use of Cortana, which is Microsoft’s intelligent personal assistant. The whole idea with Cortana is to introduce seamless voice recognition and contextual insights to support peoples’ daily lives by actively predicting their needs. This move is certainly in line with Volvo’s connected vision that they shared at CES last year.

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