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Volumizing Hair Styler rocks your world on the cheap

volumizing-hair-stylerIt is said that hair is a person’s crowning glory – and this is even more so for the ladies than for guys. Guys tend to give this particular excuse, that a well used road does not grow any grass. Having said that, if you are starting to feel the pinch due to the ever rising costs of living no matter where you turn to, you might even want to start embarking on a journey of handling your own hairdo before the next big night out. Rather than to call your hairstylist to drop by your place on the evening of a glitzy gala, how about picking up the $49.95 Volumizing Hair Styler and let it do wonders?

The Volumizing Hair Styler happens to be a volumizing brush complete with detachable brush heads which will set in place as curlers so that it can easily dry and style hair – simultaneously, now how about that? When used with a blow dryer, the time-saving styler will be able to add volume thanks to its ventilated barrel which speeds up the drying process as well as a ceramic surface that will combat frizz. The moment a section of hair is wrapped around the gentle nylon bristles, all it takes is a quick pop with the thumb in order to detach the barrel and secure it on the head like a curler – sans clips, too. Each set will comprise of a single universal styling handle and half a dozen detachable brushes. Do make sure you have a hair dryer before that.