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The Volcano Light makes any bottle look awesome

Volcano Light

When you are a fan of drinking spirits, you more often than not have an arsenal of bottles residing in cabinets, on shelves, and hidden in the nooks and crannies of your home. Most of the time you want to keep said bottles tucked away for special occasions, but if you’re going to have it out anyway, you may as well make it look stylish. That’s not to say that some bottles aren’t stylish already, but if you’re looking to make it a centerpiece rather than another thing in the kitchen, it’ll take a little extra effort.

Whether it’s clear, green, brown, or blue, this Volcano Light is going to turn any bottle into a neat sculpture wherever it’s at. This is a polypropylene base that is powered by USB which has a light on the inside that will make not only the base, but the bottle glow as if it were a sort of see-through volcano. The light it gives off is a warm white, and the color of the bottle will add to the ambiance.

The switch is a touch sensor, so placing the bottle will activate the light. There’s no word on how long the light will last, so do keep that in mind before spending $35 on it. While it’s nice to have things connected via USB, this particular device is a bit of an annoyance unless you like keeping bottled beverages near your desk as decoration, or for imbibing as soon as it hits 5 in the evening.

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