Voice Stress Analyzer used as a Truth Detector

Do you ever wonder if your husband is really working late, if the kids really finished their homework, or if your wife is really helping a sick friend? If so, then the Voice Stress Analyzer will give you the answered you are seeking.

The voice stress analyzer can determine is the person talking is telling the truth, it analyzes the stress level changes in the voice and can work either in person or on a televised or recorded voice. This is great if you can only record their voice over the telephone or if their message is left on your answering machine.

If you are watching a political debate this great lie detector can even let you know if the candidates are in fact telling the truth. I wish I had one when I listened to the presidential candidates during the last elections.

The most effective indicators that test if someone is telling the truth are the Psychological Stress Evaluator (PSE) and the Voice Stress Analyzer (VSA). Both of these tests have been put into this Truth Detector with a unique designed device that will measure the frequency changes that occur in people’s voices when they are under stress. Then these results are displayed by an LED band so that it can be measured and analyzed through a bar graph comparator.

The Voice Stress Analyzer has a built in “result indicator” that provides you will an instant display of truthfulness. The Truth Detector also runs an analysis using its own data to give you the complete results.

Background noise and music can effect the readings that the Truth Detector because it does rely on changes in the voice. Since everyone’s voice is different and there are always possibilities that the Truth Detector could give false readings.

You can find this unique Voice Stress Analyzer Truth Detector online for around $33 to $40.

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