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Voice Recognition Password Journal keeps out prying eyes

voice-journalA journal is a place where everyone ought to be able to pen down their thoughts without any kind of fear of being found out. It should be therapeutic – not to mention offer a fair amount of freedom so that they can share to their hearts’ content. Having said that, privacy of that journal should be of utmost importance, and if you happen to be on the other side, kindly have the good sense not to intrude on others’ privacy. Still, one can never be too safe in this day and age, which is why certain security measures must be taken. Apart from the usual lock and key, the £24.95 Voice Recognition Password Journal might just offer an additional layer.

This awesome Voice Recognition Password Journal is stylish by itself, letting you personalize your password, greeting as well as intruder alert using your voice. In this way, just about no one else – and who knows, ever yourself with a bad sore throat, are able to take a look at it. Why not go the extra mile then by writing all of your messages and thoughts in invisible ink? That ought to do it for the naughty person who loves poking his or her nose into personal things. The Voice Recognition Password Journal even comes with a hidden compartment for storing super-secret stuff.