Voice Interactive Alarm Clock

Forget about throwing your alarm clock or smashing it to keep it quiet when it rings – the new Voice Interactive Alarm Clock ought to add another novelty item to your bedroom.

This unique alarm clock uses advanced speech recognition technology that lets you easily set the time and alarm via voice commands and responds to queries such as What time is it with vocalized answers. The unit recognizes 10 spoken commands, including Set alarm, Set time, Check alarm, What is the date, Alarm sound (buzzer, chime, or bell), Stop (snooze for 5 minutes), and Temperature (current room temperature). All functions are controlled either by your voice or with a touch of the activation panel, allowing you to quickly set up and operate the clock without tedious and confusing button pressing. The backlit LCD shows the time and date in 2″-high numerals for optimal visibility day or night. The clock also has a voice-activated function that lulls you to sleep with the soothing sounds of the ocean, chirping birds, or a babbling brook.

You can choose to power this via an AC adapter or a trio of AAA batteries – I’d strongly recommend the former if you’re going to be at home all the time. $49.95 is the asking price for the Voice Interactive Alarm Clock.