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VogDUO Power Go is a quick charging power bank

vogduo-powerbankSo you are running late for a very important meeting due to unforeseen domestic circumstances. You take a quick swig of coffee to jumpstart your day, grab your briefcase, make sure that your smartphone is in the pocket, snatch the car keys and make a dash for it. By the time you arrive at the office right on time, you realized that your smartphone is down on its last legs of battery power simply because all of the stress at home has caused you to forget to charge it last night. It so happens that your spare charger at the office is no longer working, so what do you do? Why, this kind of situation makes the power bank an essential. With so many models to choose from, which particular power bank would suit a road warrior like you? VogDUO thinks that they have just the deal in the form of the Power Go. The VogDUO Power GO is an all-new compact and fast-charging portable USB power bank that is capable of delivering up to 27 watts of power as you are on the move.

The new Power Go will bring together an elegant, compact design alongside fast charging technologies such as Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 and USB Power Delivery. Boasting of universal connectivity thanks to its integrated USB-C and USB-A ports, the aforementioned fast charging technologies like Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 will be able to provide charging speeds that are up to 40 percent faster when placed side by side with standard chargers.

There are two color choices to pick from when it comes to the Power Go: rose gold and black, which will blend in gracefully regardless of whether you are a high powered executive or simply an ordinary person who would like to have the safety net of power for your mobile device whenever you need it and wherever you are. The Power Go will also feature an integrated non-slip leather pad that offers a secure surface for smartphones and other devices while they charge. Expect the Power Go from VogDUO to arrive this May for $69.99 a pop.

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