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Vocal Smoke Alarm

Are you concerned about whether your child will be able to remember the plans to get out of the house or even hear the smoke alarm in case of a fire? Well, you can now have peace of mind with the Vocal Smoke Alarm.

Not only will they hear the smoke alarm, but they will hear your voice saying their name to awaken them from slumber. This unique and highly innovative smoke alarm uses three different alarms to awaken your child.

The KidSmartâ„¢ Vocal Smoke Alarm will allow you to record a message that is just for your child. Children may sleep through even a tornado, but when they hear their name spoken very loudly by a parent they will wake up very fast. It will also sound an alarm tone, trigger the voice message and illuminate a bright light ring even during your home drills or in the case of an actual fire. This gives your child three ways to be alerted of danger.

Not only will you be able to awaken your child with his own name, but you will also be able to give him the exact instructions on how to leave the home in a safe manner, in case of fire. This way he will never forget what to do in case of an emergency like this. You can even remind them of safety precautions such as never opening a hot door or to cover his face if there is smoke present.

The fire button on the Vocal Smoke Alarm will also give your family the ability to have fire drills to ensure that everyone knows exactly what to do, when to do it, how to leave the home, and where to meet outside, just as if there was a real fire.

The technology used in creating the Vocal Smoke Alarm is a battery-operated photoelectric smoke detector, which is great for detecting slow, smoldering fires. These types of fires produce a high amount of smoke before actually bursting into flames.

This unique smoke alarm is approved by UL and ULC and comes with a limited 5 year warranty.