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V-MODA reveals 3D printed custom Forza range

vmoda-forzaV-MODA is no stranger when it comes to rolling out high end audio devices, and this time around, they have just announced a spanking new and cutting edge collection of in-ear headphones. This new range will be known as the Forza, Forza Metallo and Forza Metallo Wireless. Obviously from the naming convention itself, it is a snap to figure out just which of the three models made available will not have you live out the tethered lifestyle. All of these new Forza products will feature a recently developed 5.8mm micro dynamic driver Hi-Res Audio certified by the Japan Audio Society (JAS), a futuristic sweat-resistant technology, patent-pending sport fins for hybrid sport performance and the world’s first jewel-grade 3D printing customization of in-ears.

All of it has been a culmination of precision engineering, resulting in the amazing 5.8mm miniature dynamic driver size without having to sacrifice V-MODA’s world-class sound and quality standards. Forza means “force” in Italian, and the naming convention gives you an idea on the ability of the new in-ear headphones, being tough as nails to handle whatever kind of events that come in your direction. Specially built to withstand the elements, these Forza models are versatile enough to be your everyday companion regardless of the situation — whether you are sweating it out in the gym, or prefer to run when it pours.

The Forza products will be customizable courtesy of the 3D Printed custom caps: as the revolutionize your in-ear headphones while forging your own personal relic using the patent-pending RemixRings. The first collection of 3D caps will boast of Milanese designs Steam Punk, V-MODA Logo, and Lion Head, and they aren’t cheap on the high end, but thankfully, there are affordable options as well for everyone. The cap materials and pricing will include platinum (starting down from $7,500), 14k gold (starting down from $2,500), gold-plated (starting down from $250) and the newly developed and affordable HD Acrylic for $40 ($20 when bought with the headphones).

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