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V-MODA Remix is a Bluetooth speaker and headphone amplifier

vmoda-remixV-MODA is well known when it comes to rolling out high-fidelity audio devices, and this time around, they have come up with the REMIX. REMIX is the very first portable Bluetooth speaker from the company that is able to roll out uncompromising sound quality alongside design, in addition to unrivaled 3D-printed customization options for every single surface. This is the result of three years of R&D that involved dozens of engineers and more than 50 prototypes.

With the foundation of V-MODA’s multi-award-winning audio technology shaping the REMIX into what it is today, it delivers precise and vibrant sound regardless of the listening levels. It will arrive in a couple of finishes – minimal CNC aluminum and luxurious vegan leather comes together, where the premium speaker is beautifully proportioned and completely customizable on all six sides, helping it to reflect the personality of its owner.

The REMIX measures slightly more than 8” wide, and has been specially designed to go anywhere, resulting in phenomenal, lifelike sound regardless of where you are. There is a newly designed glass-fiber diaphragm and long coil drivers that power it, while a rear-mounted bass reflex port ensures that one’s ears are treated to an accurate, clearly defined sound which is also powerful enough for monitoring duties during mobile recording and production. The REMIX is ideal for traveling as much as it is at home in your living room or at the office.

Since the REMIX is the world’s first 3D-printed custom speaker, it allows all half dozen sides of the REMIX to be personalized. It relies on V-MODA’s renowned jewelry-grade 3D-printing expertise so that owners are able to add new sides, make changes to the front grill, or even replace the main “C-shell” housing in order to deliver the ultimate in bespoke appearance. The choice of materials are aplenty, with lightweight matte fiber in 9 vibrant colors, 5 distinctive versions of steel, raw brass and bronze, sterling silver, 14k gold-plated and rhodium, 14-karat gold and platinum to boot. The sky’s the limit — or rather, your budget.

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