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Vizio Internet Apps TV Video Camera offers Skype service in living room

Skype – now this is one VoIP service that has attracted millions upon millions of users, where the most recent milestone included breaking the 34 million users on Skype – simultaneously. Over the years, smart TVs have made their way into the market, with some of them sporting Skype functionality. Vizio wants to jump aboard the smart TV bandwagaon as well, where their latest Vizio Internet App TVs will feature Skype pre-loaded. Even better is this, Skype users will not need to make the rather difficult choice (First World problems, anyone?) between their favorite TV show and a Skype call, where all incoming calls will appear on the TV, giving you the option of whether to pick up the Skype call whenever you watch a show. A quartet of built-in microphones are able to work within a radius of 16 feet, although I do not think that you would be sitting that far away from your TV in the first place. The Skype app will automatically drop into the app dock on Vizio Internet App TV owners, making it extremely easy to hook up face-to-face with loved ones as well as friends on the big screen. In order to boot up Skype on a Vizio TV, you would need a decent broadband Internet connection (sorry to the handful of you who are on dial-up connections), in addition to Skype account, of course. Just in case you have been living under a rock for the longest time, Skype is free to download and use, it is only when you need to make a call to a landline overseas or a mobile phone, will you need to fork out money for that in the form of Skype credit. Have you started to chat on your Vizio TV already? IF you have, how has your Skype habits changed – aren’t video calls a whole lot more enjoyable on the big screen? Press Release ]]>