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Vizio announces 2.1 Sound Stand

vizio-sound-standWhen it comes to affordable home theater systems and set ups, you can be sure that Vizio has got your back. Not only does Vizio deal with the visual aspect of things, they also roll out other audio solutions to complement both your eyes as well as your ears. After all, what good is the highest resolution movie out there when all you can experience with your ears would be mono sound? At the very least, one ought to be able to enjoy stereo audio, right? Assuming that all of us are on the same page with this, then the Vizio 2.1 Sound Stand makes plenty of sense.

 Needless to say, the Vizio 2.1 Sound Stand would be different from the likes of the Vizio 5.1 Sound Bar system, as this particular offering this time around would be a whole lot easier on your pockets, not to mention take up slightly less space in the process. The diminutive form factor would definitely come in handy for those of us who live in small apartments and perhaps a studio suite, as the world continues to run out of space when it comes to urban living among the masses.

The Vizio 2.1 Sound Stand was specially designed for living areas that have limited table or counter space, and yet it is in such very areas that require big, high performance audio, making it the ideal solution. It will be able to deliver an outstanding virtual surround sound experience alongside tremendous bass, and will cost you $249.99 a pop along the way.

This is the ideal sound stand that offers a convenient audio upgrade for TVs up to the 55″ class, where it comes across as a beautifully simple, yet sturdy design which measures all of just 3″ in height. It can support the weight of TVs up to 60 lbs, where setting it up is a snap – not to mention it is capable of transforming areas in a jiffy where a traditional sound bar would not fit.

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