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ViVi Music LED controller lights up the night

viviViVi is a rather interesting piece of equipment, where it claims to be the most versatile music LED light tool in the world which will be able to synchronize music automatically. Basically, the ViVi Music LED Controller is here to bring a revolution to the future of live lighting control, where it offers real-time tracking of any song seamlessly thanks its exclusive VibeSync technology. In other words, the ViVi Music LED Controller can synchronize to your beat in real-time, separating it into a trio of distinct frequency ranges (bass/mids/highs) and outputs these to addressable LEDs for a stunning lightshow.

To make things easier for anyone who would like to introduce some light action to their music, the ViVi Music LED Controller will play nice with just about any addressable LED light strips for an easily expandable setup. This is a portable, wearable device that will definitely help you to create events that will drop jaws, that’s for sure!

How does the ViVi Music LED Controller work? Well, as mentioned earlier, its first-of-its-kind VibeSync will be able to analyze your music’s sound spectrum and produce a synchronized light show which will then help to visualize your vibe by isolating sounds over three common EQ channels – bass (lows), midrange (mids), and treble (highs) on individual outputs.

Your music will then react to volume, beats per minute (BPM), where the ViVi automatically generates different animations so that your audience can visualize the music in order to make it a more immersive experience.

No longer do you need to scratch your head as a DJ or musician when you want to create stunning light shows, as the ViVi Music LED Controller can get the job done — all without investing thousands of dollars in intelligent lighting gear, not to mention the hours involved in figuring out and programming DMX controllers. With ViVi, all you need to do is to plug in your LED light strips to each channel, use an external microphone or plug your device into the AUX cable directly for direct synchronization, and you’re good to go.

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