The Vitamin C Showerhead will make you smell like a lemon

Vitamin C Showerhead

There are days where the only time you have to relax is when you’re taking a shower. Baths take too much time, but the aromatic aspect is always pleasant. While a shower doesn’t last nearly as long and is more of a quick-route to getting clean, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it with accessories like this Vitamin C showerhead or a shower speaker.

Since hygiene is so very important, it only makes sense that we would want to get the most out of our cleansing routines. The Vitamin C Showerhead will not only give you citrus aromatherapy, but contains Vitamin C concentrate that will promote healthier skin and nails. It also has the ability to generate negative ions to help revitalize your body and mind. Seeing that the micro fiber citrus filter can remove chlorine, rust, and any other particles that might be flowing through your pipes, you’re going to come out of your shower feeling more clean than normal.

This shower head can be attached onto any standard wall-mount fixture, and will boost your water pressure by 1.5 times through the 100 holes that are on the face plate. Should you be interested in smelling like hundreds if not thousands of lemons, this will cost you $69.99. While it does include 2 of the fabric citrus filters, you’ll definitely want to buy more as they putter out after 60-90 days. This will give you plenty of mileage before you need to change it out, but you’ll be looking at around $30 for a 3-pack for replacements.