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Vital Sign Tracker makes more sense of your vital statistics

vital-health-trackerWearable devices such as fitness trackers seem to be dime a dozen these days, and so, it can be rather challenging trying to make a purchase decision if you are new to the industry. Having said that, if you are in the market for one of these bad boys, how about checking out the $295.95 Vital Sign Tracker? The Vital Sign Tracker comes in a palm-sized form factor of a digital monitor, where it has the ability to measure five key vital signs in order to keep track of heart and lung health.

Taking less than half a minute, the device’s built-in sensors are more than capable of delivering readings when in contact with the skin. It will also be able to take your pulse and temperature, while calculating systolic blood pressure without the discomfort of a squeezing cuff. The tracker also boasts of the ability to perform an EKG so that it can measure heart rhythm, while detecting irregular heartbeats, too. The presence of an SpO2 sensor will further assess blood oxygenation, which is associated with shortness of breath and lung disease. All of the results will be shown on the LCD screen, where the device stashes 100 readings for four users in order to compare health changes over time. It will also include a pedometer to count steps walked and has a “relax” function to help reduce stress. The tracker works great with a free smartphone app to quickly send results to a physician or family member. With a five week battery life on a single hour charge, the Vital Sign Tracker will be accompanied by a neck strap and a desk stand.