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The Vita Fish Tank Planter takes ‘living art’ to a new level

Vita Fish Tank Planter

When you get to be soul-crushingly lonely, the idea of having a pet always comes to mind. Of course, then the questions of whether or not you’ll be able to keep up with maintaining a good quality of life for your pet and keep your sanity will begin to surface. If you want to go the hands-off approach with an animal that won’t put fur everywhere or chirp loudly at all hours, a fish may be the way to go.

Of course, just because it doesn’t get up in your face or yell at you doesn’t mean it won’t need attention too. You’ll need to maintain its habitat and feed it regularly to keep it going. The Vita is for those that want a fish, but also need a low-key maintenance level of care. This is a Fish Tank Planter that has a water reservoir in the bottom, and a molded removable growing tray.

The tray on the top was created to act as a slow filter so that the water with fish waste can be converted into food for whatever you plant in the top, which will in turn provide clean water for your fishy friend. This happens through a wicking action which needs no batteries or charging to work. There is an optional lighting system with LEDs, but in that case you would need batteries. To use it, put in stones, water, fish, the tray on the top, plant the seed and you’re off! The set will cost you $40 or more, and of course, the plant, fish, and food you’ll need for the little fella.

Available for crowdfunding on Kickstarter