visCycle – Go Green, Get Lean

In San Diego there’s a gym, that in and of itself is nothing unusual, I’m sure San Diego has a bunch of gyms… but theres a place in particular called the Greenasium that is using a special stationary bike called the visCycle.

Manufactured by Resource Fitness, the visCycle and other similarly capable machines generate electricity that is routed back into the power grid of the facility, offsetting some of the power usage, like lights, fans and the computer.

Pretty cool, and now the visCycle is available for your home or office. visCycle’s revolutionary plugOutt technology makes the equipment “plug and play”. Other “green” alternatives require you to install an expensive inverter and rewire the equipment that you already have. Resource Fitness provides a complete and affordable solution.

The Resource Fitness website states that “typical users will be able to sustain between 50 – 150 watts during their half hour workout and depending on your physical condition you may be able to generate more.” This amount of electricity would likely be able to power, or charge 5 netbooks, 10-15 smartphones or a stereo system.

I like the idea of putting all that kinetic energy to work, but I’m thinking I would probably be more of a 30 watt generator… would that be enough to microwave a pizza?

Available in the US for $1199.00