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The Vis-A-Vis Trunk lets the TSA know what they’re in for


If you’re always getting on and off of planes, then you know how obnoxious the security procedures can be to get to your gate. Security always makes you feel like you’re enemy #1 with scanners, pat-downs, opening and emptying your luggage, and making you throw away something that is more than obviously not a threat. There are times where TSA agents are also just in a bad mood, and make it even more difficult to get through security than it was previously.

If you want to make sure that no one questions your motives, why not use a bag that makes it obvious you don’t have anything to hide? This Vis-A-Vis Trunk will make sure a quick scan will be all that’s needed, if that, to put you in the clear. This is a completely see-through polycarbonate hard-shelled suitcase that won’t give privacy to any items you’re traveling with, but will make sure they stay safe and secure.

This functions the same way as any other suitcase, the only big difference is that everyone will be able to see your socks and undies. It comes with a built-in TSA lock, clothes compression system to keep your items strapped in, and has wheels that roll in every direction. This is very expensive ringing in at around $572, but for all of those exhibitionists out there, this is a must-have. No one’s going to ask what’s inside the bag if they can already see it.

Available for purchase on Crumpler