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The VIS Hummer Flashlight is all that and a bag of chips

VIS Hummer

If we’re going to be honest, it’s really hard not to buy into dumb gadgets because they look cool. Usually this happens because whatever it is falls under the category for being too neat, cute, or has our favorite thing on it. Sometimes though, you need multi-purpose items that are actually going to be functional 100%, if not more so.

If you’re looking for more usefulness than you might possibly be able to actually use, then this VIS Hummer Flashlight would be perfect for your stash of stuff. This is a flashlight that is IP68 waterproof, dust and shock proof, has three lighting options with a maximum of 4500 lumens, 12,000 mAH battery, weighs less than two pounds, and can charge your gadgets or jump your car. The light can either stay in a steady stream, or can strobe if you find yourself in an emergency situation.

That seems like quite a bit for such a tiny package, and it is! Of course, that doesn’t mean that it’s not going to do it’s job properly. We’ve seen some pretty sweet multi-function items before, but this one seems like it might actually be worth its lofty price tag of $175. Not too many flashlights are going to jump your car 20 times over, charge your phone 6-8 times over, or juice your GoPro 10-12 times over and also act as a blunt weapon if need be.

Available for croedfunding on Kickstarter

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