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The Virtuix Omni – Get in the Game


Experiencing virtual reality is a true gamers dream. Being able to move about in your game’s environment without having to push buttons on a keyboard or controller would be awesome. Imagine, running through the game, while you are actually running… the possible applications are amazing; exercise, training, virtual workplaces… all of this becomes possible if someone could just come up with a gadget that would offer up the real deal.

Well, check out the Virtuix Omni, taking any virtual reality experience you’ve ever had, directly to the next 10 levels. This treadmill-esque gadget allows you to walk through your game, on your own 2 feet! Using specialized shoes, designed to slot into a slick, grooved “walking” surface, you can actually manipulate your avatar by using natural movements. Wearing a head mounted display, and with your motion trackers strapped on, you are in for total immersion into your favorite game. From Minecraft to Call of Duty, Battlefield, and Grand Theft Auto, you will have excitement and exhilaration that simply cannot be found sitting down.

This is the first time this degree of virtual reality performance can be found in an affordable, and storable option. Easy to put away, in a closet, or under your bed, and for a pre-order price of less than 500 bucks, the Omni is going to allow you to walk, run or jump… into the future. Price includes the Virtuix Omni natural motion interface, that includes platform, special shoes, support harness, and the associated tracking hardware and software. For availability dates, ordering info, or just to catch the not-to-be-missed videos of the Omni in action, please visit I told you, awesome!