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Virtual Pong is table tennis on the ceiling

Virtual Pong

Table tennis is always fun and can get your blood pumping. It’s not super athletic unless you’re actually trying though (it is an Olympic sport after all).  The competitive nature in people is what often gets them to move the most, but it can be frustrating if you’re not very good, and can’t seem to keep it on the table. These types of players, myself included, having to constantly retrieve the ball will make you more tired than actually playing.

If you want all the action of smashing a ball back and forth without having to play fetch, then Virtual Pong might peak your interest. This removes the classic ping pong ball, and replaces it with a “ball of light”. You and your opponent have an electronic “racquet” with which you smack the ball back and forth. Instead of being on the table, it trails on the walls and ceiling.

The racquets will need 2 AAA batteries a piece, and the light will need 3 AAA batteries. The first one to 11 will be considered victorious, but if you’re both getting a workout, doesn’t that mean everyone wins? While they do put “ages 6+” on there, that means anyone should be able to use this and still have fun. This will cost you $59.99, and if you can’t see yourself playing it, this would be a great way to tire out your relative’s kids around Christmas time.

Available for purchase on SharperImage, found via RedFerret


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