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Virtual Fishing Rod for The Strike Video Game

xbox_360_pole_610x240-thumb-610x240-16814I remember playing this handheld electronic game ten years ago called Bass Fishin’. I’m sure most of you remember it, because it was quite a big seller. In this game, you had a controller that looked like a fishing rod, and a little screen to show when the fish were ready to be caught. A shaker was also in there, and if you brought up the rod controller at the proper time, you would get points for the fish you caught.

It would appear that Griffin International wants to take this fishing action and put it on the console with The Strike. As you can see, The Strike comes with a fishing rod controller for what one gaming publication has called “the best fishing video game ever created”.

Griffin has said that the game will also feature customizable characters with boats, lures, rods, and reels. Its advanced graphics allow for “realistic lake bottom topography” and “lifelike fish behaviors”.

The Strike will be available during the fall for the Xbox 360, the Nintendo Wii, and the PC. I’m not certain what the price is for the Wii or PC, but the Xbox 360 package with rod controller is planned to be $69.99.

In addition to The Strike, Griffin is also planning on releasing a game based on hunting rather than fishing. The title of this game is simply The Hunt, but I haven’t heard anything about a controller that looks like a hunting rifle.


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