VIOlight Cell Phone Sanitizer

VIOlight has had their hands in all sorts of sanitizers to make sure your various items stay sanitary.  As of now they have a whole lot of different sanitizers just for your toothbrush and for those of you without teeth there is the denture sanitizer.  For general items they also have a UV wand, but now they’re getting into cellphones.  We all already knew that our phones are absolutely disgusting when it comes to germs, but VIOlight has decided to actually do something about it.

Their UV light gadgets will take care of 99% of germs and bacteria.  That includes E coli, listeria, salmonella, step and the infamous H1N1 flu virus.  This particular one runs on AA batteries and promises to clean all sort of small gadgets.  The list includes cellphones, earbuds, headphones, PDAs and so on, it does all of that in all of 3 minutes.  To purchase one of these it’ll cost you $49.95, although they won’t actually be out until this coming October.

Source: Gearlog