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Violeds introduced for mosquito traps for a greater degree of effectiveness

Mosquito_TrapMosquitoes can be very pesky insects, spoiling what was supposed to be a perfect evening in the beautiful outdoors. In fact, it might be nigh impossible to get rid of these pests, but there are always alternatives that abound. For starters, you can always work out a romantic dinner indoors, safe from these blood-sucking critters while being able to enjoy a beautiful view through full-length glass windows. Another option would be to strategically place mosquito traps all over the place, luring hordes of mosquitos away from you. Seoul Viosys has just announced that it will make use of its advanced UV LED technology known as “Violeds” in mosquito traps.

 Violed technology is unique, as it is not only harmless to the environment, it will also not cause any harm to the human body since there are no chemical components to worry about. It will rely on a UV LED light source in order to draw mosquitoes straight to it, making it very different from mercury-based mosquito traps.

The Violeds that are applied in any mosquito trap happens to be an eco-friendly insect attraction technology, and it has an application that is wide-ranging and farther than that of just mosquitoes. In fact, it will also be able to attract fruit flies via its UV LED light source, and you do not have to worry about skin cancer too, since the amount of UV rays emitted happen to be two-thousandths of sunlight and one-tenth of fluorescent lighting.

Research has shown that the Violeds is very potent, being able to attract mosquitoes up to four times higher when compared to conventional mosquito traps. So far, Yuhan Corporation has incorporated Violeds technology into its mosquito trap, and it is something that we hope to see in other mosquito traps and different kinds of mosquito repellent devices from other manufacturers in time to come.

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