Vintage Suitcase turned into lighted vanity

Apartments and homes are rarely set up perfectly, so sometimes you have to get a little creative.  One usual area with issues is the bathroom.  My current apartment is within an old home and the bathroom doesn’t have a single outlet.  You could have a similar issue or you may just not want to get ready in the bathroom, purely because there are too many people that need to use it.  Well if you’re in a small place, you may not have room to designate for a vanity table.  This oddball suitcase may be just the thing, you could hang it on the wall near your desk and it’d still leave floor space free.

Each vanity cabinet is custom made.  You can’t purchase the particular one in the picture, since it was a past model that has already been sold.  You can however, have something similar done, since all of the specifications are really up to you.  Within the price though, you’ll get the nice vanity lighting, a mirror and the drawers.  If you happen to live in New York City, the Etsy seller will even personally install it for you.  Those that would have to do it yourselves though, the seller gives all the hardware needed.  You can pick it up for $300 on Etsy.

Source: CraftingaGreenWorld