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Vinnebago Cooler is one classy canteen

vinnebagoIt does take a fair bit to stand out from the rest of the crowd these days regardless of whichever industry that you are in, and when it comes to ensuring your drink remains nice and cold even after a while, that does take quite some doing. With the £29.99 Vinnebago Cooler, you more or less know that you have a winner here. Basically, the Vinnebago Cooler is a sophisticated alternative to other tasteless flasks, where it ensures that your drinks remain ice cold for up to 25 hours – that is more than an entire full day, now how about that?

Of course, if you are not one who likes cold drinks, but prefer that of a piping hot one, then the Vinnebago Cooler is also up to the task, although it is good to do so for up to a dozen hours, which should be more than adequate for the ordinary Joe if you were to ask me. This is made possible thanks to the revolutionary vacuum-sealed and triple-walled insulation design, which goes to show that having double-walled insulation is so passe these days. On the outside, it will have a sleek stainless steel surface complemented by a beautiful matte black finish. Not only that, it boasts of a 100% leak-proof lid, with a wide opening for easy decanting.