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Vinci 2.0 is a smart pair of hands-free noise cancellation headphones

vinci-2We live in a world where wireless connectivity is deemed to be the norm. Virtually everywhere we go, we are always on the lookout for a wireless network in order to hook up our devices. Our printers at home and at the office have also taken a similar route, and so have the fitness industry when it comes to wireless headphones taking centrestage. Vinci 2.0 is proud to stake its claim as the industry’s very first smart in-ear, voice-controlled, hands-free noise cancellation headphones.

Needless to say, fitness enthusiasts are the ones who will benefit the most from Vinci 2.0’s release, as it was specially developed to be the ultimate personal sports companion. With this in mind, it will be able to offer the ability to make phone calls, track body vitals during your rigorous exercise sessions, as well as allow you to enjoy your favorite tunes in a completely phone-free manner.

This is made possible in the Vinci 2.0 through the integration of music streaming, calls, and fitness tracking, all crammed into a single device. Consumers will be given the opportunity to work out with their handsets without being tethered, courtesy of the integrated 3G cellular connectivity, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth support, built-in music streaming services, and personal AI coaching. The interactive voice assistant and gesture control system are unique, as you do not need to fumble with physical controls so that you can concentrate on your current exercise regime.

Peeling open the Vinci 2.0 would reveal a quad-core ARM Cortex A-7 processor, Wi-Fi, 3G cellular and Bluetooth connectivity. It boasts of voice control for a true hands-free experience that relies on natural language processing (NLP) and advanced recommendation algorithms in order to sense, recommend, and match you to your music preferences – after taking into consideration your heart rate, activity, and listening habits. As a fitness tracker, it has more than 10 sensors that will accurately analyze your fitness as well as health data, providing feedback through an app so that you know for sure your workout is going in the right direction health-wise.

Seems to be quite the unique hands-free noise cancellation pair of headphones in the market, right? Check it out on Kickstarter as it is being prepared for a release soon.

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