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Vinaya’s Zenta is a lovely piece of wearable technology

zentaWhen we talk about wearable technology these days, most of the time it would involve the likes of smartwatches or perhaps a fitness sensor that keeps track of our every movement, letting us know just how many calories we have burned throughout our day so that we may be on track with our fitness goals. Having said that, the industry is still in its infancy, so it is far from surprising to know that there is plenty of room for improvement. For instance, Vinaya’s Zenta happens to be a lovely piece of wearable technology.

Vinaya is based in London, and their Zenta wearable is available for pre-order at the moment on Indiegogo with crystals that hail from Swarovski in order to add that extra touch of class and excellence. This particular collaboration would bring together the merging of ideas between the respected design minds of Swarovski with Vinaya’s brilliant technical capabilities, resulting in a unique and exclusive version of Zenta.

Zenta is built upon connected technology that is centered around enhancing emotional and physical well-being. Such a wearable will no doubt be anchored in a luxury jewelry design, where it is based on technology as well as scientific insights in order to digitally de-compress one’s life. Zenta has been positioned as a personalized coach for both body and mind, and it also lays claim to be the world’s most advanced biometric sensing wearable.

Zenta, being an Indiegogo project, has already arrived at its goal of hitting the $100,000 mark within the first 41 hours alone, thanks to global interest in the product line. There is but a single week left on the original Zenta campaign, and consumers can now have a chance to pick up this limited edition, luxury-designed jewelry for pre-order as a ‘Swarovski Perk’ for $209 a pop. Any one wants to spruce up their wardrobes?

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