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The View-Master returns, but doesn’t make an epic comeback


Long, long ago, when dinosaurs roamed the Earth, the very first View-Master was introduced to the world in 1939. This used images that make it feel like you were looking at a picture that is 3D. It evolved over the years and of course lost popularity, as you could only see one image at a time. We’re now able to walk around watching a movie if we’d like, so the thought of only staring at a few frames over and over again seems boring.

Of course, we’re all suckers for nostalgia, and with the release of a new and improved View-Master this coming Fall, some of us will hop on board for the sheer joy of reminiscing about our childhood. It all came from Google Cardboard, which is a way to experience virtual reality with your phone and bits of cardboard with a lens. Since its initial creation Google Cardboard has collaborated with Mattel for this new version, which has a higher quality build, and “experience reels” that can be purchased separately.

These are aimed at children, and will cost $30 on its own, and $15 for extra reels. Each of these disks has four experiences and multiple areas to explore. Seeing that this has little in the way of function, it is likely a nostalgic purchase that will collect dust after the initial excitement wears off. However, grandparents might buy this for their grandchildren to have a common thread between their past and the present as well.

Found via GameSpot, more information available on ViewMaster