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Viewmaster goes hi-tech … sort of.

Viewmater Super Sounds Projector

When I was a kid, the Viewmaster was our YouTube … taking us places in glorious stereoscopic vision and even in Kodachrome. I had Viewmaster reels of man landing on the moon, wildlife, Disney adventures, just about any world a kid wanted to explore could be enjoyed through a Viewmaster. But in today’s world, when your main design for toys amounts to a slide show in binoculars, it becomes a bit of a challenge to compete in the age of digital electronics. And let’s face it, creating a slideshow with what amounts to a slide projector isn’t all that. But that doesn’t stop Viewmaster from trying.

The Super SoundsTalking View-Master Projector allows kids to create Slide shows with character voices, music, and sound effects utilizing the viewmaster wheel of photographs. The projector will show images on a wall or 8 foot ceiling and has storage space for 3 sound reels . The Projector also comes with a \wireless infrared remote for manual or automatic advance.

And even though it’s rather low-tech for the time, the ViewMaster Super Sounds Projector isn’t a bad bargain at $29.95 $20.35 (AA batteries not included.) At the very least, it may get your kids to stop looking at a virtual world of video games and consider the real world outside.

Source: Gear Live