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Video Screen Microscope lets you check out the little details

video-screen-microscopeThere are times when having a different perspective of things would come in extremely useful. Case in point, this particular $399.95 Video Screen Microscope, which is a microscope that would be able to replace the standard eyepiece with a tablet-sized LCD screen that is capable of showing off objects at up to 1040X magnification. Yup, a whopping 1040X magnification, now how about that? The presence of an integrated 5MP digital camera will be able to capture not only still images, but videos as well, where it shows off objects on a 7″ thin-film transistor LCD at 800 x 480 resolution.

The microscope will come with a trio of objective lenses – 4X, 10X, or 40X, which will be able to offer optical magnification from 104X-1040X (up to 4160X when used with its 4X digital zoom). The objects can then either be illuminated from the top (where solid objects are concerned) or from the bottom (for prepared slides) using a couple of separate built-in light sources. There is a colored filter wheel which will help to block out wavelengths in order to make objects clearer. The camera itself will arrive with an integrated 128MB memory, allowing you to stash away up to 120 still shots, or up to 40 minutes of video at 1600 x 1200 resolution. In addition, there is also the presence of an SD memory card slot so that you can expand the amount of storage space by another 32GB. Throwing in a USB port, you can then download whatever content it carries onto your computer in double quick time.

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