The Video Game Coffee Table – Indulge your Inner Child

I’m thinking it would be great to have a gameroom, but then again, being a grown-up and all, maybe having a bunch of toys in a room is a little too juvenile. I mean the place can’t look like my college sorority, I have a reputation to uphold, sort of… but I gotta tell you, I love video games, all of them, and I have a special fondness for old school arcade games, whats a girl to do?
Well, heres a start, a company called Surface Tension (we’ve reported on them before) makes some pretty awesome, and relatively discreet, coffee-type tables that that have tucked away inside them, the heart of an upright arcade cabinet. With a lovely smoked glass top, these tables conceal a virtual arcade wonderland in a very pretty, contemporary style wooden table. Available in various designs and finishes including veneers or solid woods, each unit is complete with retro gaming components, from the 2 sets of controls, 1 and 2 player start buttons, a trackball, joysticks and volume controls, heck, the only things thats missing is the coin slots!
The units also run on Windows 7 Home Premium and come equipped with a 500GB hard disk, a wireless network adaptor and a DVD/CDRW drive, not so old school huh?
Imagine if you will, you and your friends gathered around the table, a frosty beverage in hand playing Space Invaders, Mortal Combat, Pac Man or my own personal favorite, Galaga.. and remember, you’re not limited to pre-installed games, you can add whatever games you’d like because its MAME compatible. And last but not least, if youre a fan of indie games, indulge your passion, they’re a snap to add.
With payments made through Paypal and free delivery, I think the Surface Tension Arcade Table is exactly what I was looking for! Available for around 5100.00 bucks and delivered worldwide from I want one! Is that bad?