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Video camera that’s too small

chewing-gum-cam.jpgThis video camera is definitely amazing to look at – not only does it record video, it captures audio as well and is small enough to be hidden in a chewing gum pack!

Because of its minute size this unit is ideal for covert filming. It comes with built-in Lithium-ion batteries that are charged via the USB adaptor charging cable that comes with the unit to give up to 4 hours of record time. A 1GB card (not included) will store up to 33 hours of video and audio. Video and audio recordings can be played back on a PC or a cellular phone.

You’ll need to fork out a hefty £295 in order to fulfill your voyeuristic tendencies though.

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    Please send me the detailed specifications of “video camera that’s too small” along with pictures showing the camera aperture.

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