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The Vicious Circle is stylish and deadly

Vicious Circle

Do you ever wish that your jewelry was more functional than a mere trinket to add to your style? We’ve seen it plenty of times with paracord bracelets and even miniature cannon rings, but how many of those will be useful to you on a regular basis? While we’ve brought up every day carry tools in the past, the premise for them is that they should be useful more than once a year.

If you often find yourself in need of a small sharp implement for opening boxes, letters, or taking off stray threads, then the Vicious Circle is a perfect accessory. To anyone that isn’t paying attention, this looks like a fancy piece of jewelry in either polished stainless steel with black pearl or stonewashed stainless steel with carbon fiber. The moment you need it, it’s a small knife that can take care of whatever you might need it to do.

There’s a trigger lock in place so this won’t come tumbling off your necklace all willy-nilly. It comes with a 35” adjustable cord with a fish-hook-style closure. The Hawkbill blade length measures out to an inch and a half, which should take care of most day-to-day issues you may face that would need a knife. This snazzy wearable weaponry will come at the price of $64.99, which you can add to the rest of your unassuming arsenal of EDC tools.

Available for purchase on Thinkgeek