Vibro Shape belt vibrates your fat off

There is always some latest and greatest scam to help you lose weight, and some do work, they just rid you of every important nutrient your body needs.  However, others you spend money on and they vibrate your fat and that’s where it ends.  Over the years I swear there have been hundreds of these things under all different names and with all different looks.  All claiming to just “melt” the fat right off of you.  I’m sorry, I have never seen fat melt off, but I would most definitely pay to see it.  Sadly, I don’t think vibrating your stomach is going to do the trick.

I hate the gym just as much as many do, but I’d rather pay for a gym membership than waste money on products with big promises that never work.  Just in case you do want to try one out and make everyone else around you try it as well, you can buy these in bulk or individually from Chinavasion.  If you buy 5 or more it will cost you $26.10 a piece or to just buy one it’s $27.19.  It might work though, after all it is a “professional grade” belt.

Source: gearfuse

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