Vibrating Pillow Alarm Clock

Vibrating Pillow AlarmYesterday we reported on the interesting ball alarm clock which to be honest was more novelty than useful, todays alarm clock however actually has a very valid reason for being a bit quirky, introducing the vibrating pillow alarm clock.

The vibrating pillow does what you’d expect, it vibrates. So instead of being woken up by tedious Christmas songs (I’m sure that all stations share the same CD at this time of year) or an annoying buzzer which has no sympathy for the night before you are awoken by gentle vibrating feel under your ear.

For couples who start work at different times this could be a real strop saver, instead of both parties being forced to wake up at the same time just the unfortunate early starter need hear (well feel) the alarm. I know I found it very incosiderate when my partner (girlfriend sounds stupid when you’re over 30) had to get up at 6AM to get ready for work whilst I had to arise at 8.59 to roll into my home office for a 9AM start :).

Anyway you can get the vibrating pillow alarm for £19.95 from Proidee.

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