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These Vibrating Alarm Earphones make sure you won’t run late


Listening to music as you’re falling asleep can be a great way to relax your mind and body. The only problem is that when we’re tired and on public transit, listening to music can lull us to sleep and make us miss our stop. This can set you back 10 minutes or several hours depending on how long you’re asleep, which is obviously going to add a level of difficulty to how the rest of the day will play out.

 If you need a little help coming to attention with earphones in, these Vibrating Alarm Earphones will help you out a great deal. They work like regular earphones in that you can listen to your music or podcasts like normal, but you can set a timer so that the buds will vibrate in your ears to bring you back to reality. There are even three different vibration settings so that you can find a level strong enough to wake you up.

There is the timer mode, as well as an alarm mode for those who want to use these for sleeping or in the office. They have a 10.5mm driver, TN monochrome LCD display, and use 4 AAA batteries. You should be able to hook in your smartphone or music player, as not being able to would make these awfully expensive at $127 a pop. Even then, this is a pretty pricey gizmo when you could just set an alarm on your phone with regular earphones in.

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