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Vi – The AI Personal Trainer who coaches you through biosensing earphones

Vi AI Personal Trainer

When it comes to getting your body in shape, there are internal and external motivation factors that need to be in place for us to care about reaching a goal. Going to the gym is hard enough, but putting in real effort once you get there is another story entirely. Even if you have gym buddies, you don’t always give it your all on a track or at the gym.

Having a personal trainer would certainly put some more pep in your step when you’re exercising, but it’s expensive. Not only finding the right person for you, but also paying to meet with them on a weekly or biweekly basis with gym membership fees can put a dent in your wallet quickly. If you’re wanting to start training without all the hubbub, then Vi would be a Vi-able option (it’s bad, don’t hate me). This is a pair of headphones that have an AI Personal Trainer waiting to give you the extra push you need to meet your goals in a friendly, non-robot-ish way.

The earphones are said to have decent audio quality, a full day’s worth of battery life, and there’s a mic so you can interact with Vi, play music through voice control, and send texts. The personal training side will allow you to set goals, give you a specific plan to meet your needs, real-time data, and will connect with your other fitness apps. Not only will Vi check in with you in between workouts, but will also adjust your plan according to the weather, tracking indoor runs just as accurately, even in regards to cadence. Sadly running is its main tracking point, but I’m sure those of us that like to lift irons will have our day eventually. Regardless, this awesome running coach is going to cost you around $199.

Available for crowdfunding on Kickstarter

1 thought on “Vi – The AI Personal Trainer who coaches you through biosensing earphones”

  1. Not only is the price about 100% too high on these phones, but I have found that the collar form factor doesn’t work for gym workouts. Any fitness activity that puts you on your back, like bench pressing or incline board crunches, makes these collars fall off. Back to the drawing board, Vi…

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